Excel Dashboard

This is an Excel Dashboard I made as a project for my CIS 110 class. This specific dashboard looked to show the relationship of goals scored in the NHL before and after the 2004 rules changes (which included larger offensive zones, smaller goalie equipment, and less stoppages). The dashboard allows users to change the year and choose specific teams to see how the new rules affected goal scoring across the league in different years. (click image to download)


This is a podcast I did for my CIS 251 class. It is a podcast about internet vulnerabilities, which is how sensitive data can be hacked or leaked and how people can help prevent hackers from getting their data. It was made using a program called "Audacity", which can record, cut, and combine voice recordings into a long podcast. (click image to listen)

Contact Book

This is a Contact/Address Book I made using Microsoft Visual Studio (C# based language) for my CIS 244 class. It allows a user to input data for a contact (name, address, phone number, etc.) and stores the data in a book. The user can then go back and view, edit, or delete any contact they want easily. (click image to download)