Mackenzie Casey

Meet My Dogs!

These are my girls, Kelsy and Sadie. They are both purebred Dalmatians, however, just because they are purebred it doesn't mean they are both what is considered a show quality Dalmatian. Kelsy, is 11 and is our "show girl." Sadie is 2, and is not considered show quality because she was born patched. A patched Dalmatian is one who is not born all white. Dalmatians typically develop their spots about 10 days after birth. When Sadie was born, her left ear was completely black! Her right ear is also totally black but that developed along with her other spots! They are both so special and the best two girls we could ask for.


This is Kelsy, my 11 year old Dalmatian!


This is Sadie, my 2 year old Dalmatian!

Kelsy and Sadie Kelsy and Sadie Kelsy and Sadie Kelsy and Sadie