Sussex County Sunflower Maze

Photographer Information



We welcome photographers. We just ask that you sign in and pay daily admission. We have so many things to photograph, from wildflowers, wild birds, native pollinators, and more! Some of our photographers spend the whole day and many return several times during our short season to experience all stages of our sunflower bloom. During the bloom season, we usually schedule a few special events for Early Sunrise Photography as well as Late Night Milkyway shoots. Special Events require RSVP and prepaid event fees. No drones are allowed during normal hours.

Love &: Gratitude Maze Sunflower Sign and Endless Fields Imagine & Grace Maze

Professional Photoshoots

We allow professional photographers and their clients during normal business hours. Everyone participating in the photoshoot must pay daily admission. No RSVP is required. We ask that you do not block the maze or interfere with other patrons' enjoyment. There are plenty of private spots and great locations to hold photoshoots at.

Couple Walking Through Fields Couple Smiling Happy Couple Laughing

Music videos, movies, commercials, production shoots, etc. require advanced arrangements.


The media is always welcome. Contact us for guided tours and more info. Media drones require advanced RSVP and must be flown before business hours.