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First Things First
A nice picture of me
My name is Alden Fries and im a Junoir at King's College, currently working on getting my Bachelors in Information Systems.
I'm from Easton, Pennsylvania. I would like to show you some of my hobbies.
I would say(and probably my mother) that technology takes up most of my freetime. I love all kinds of technology from older macbooks, to cutting edge Vr systems, they all intrigue me.
While using and playing with the tech is fun by itself, I enjoy most learning how it works.
Fresh Air
While i may seem like all i do is spend my time inside, I do really enjoy spending time in Nature

Ive been skateboarding since I was a young kid, I recently picked it back up and haven't looked back since.
You can most likely find me at the local skatepark working on some tricks. I love all kinds of skateboards from regular skateboards to longboards. If its a piece of wood with 4 wheels, I'll probably ride it.
Do I really need to explain why I love Snowboarding, like skateboarding but no hurt when u fall 😁
Mountain Biking
When skating around becomes too much of a hassle what's the next best? Mountain biking, that is if your a broke college student like me.
In all seriousness mountain biking is very good for you, as well as an awesome way to get around and see things you haven't before.
Fishing is honestly pretty rad. You get to escape the daily grind, kick back on the water, and soak in some nature vibes.
But the real kicker is the thrill of the catch – it's a surprise when you finally hook a fish. So, whether you're just down for some adventures, fishing's got something for everyone.