Computer Information Systems Careers

Computer Information Systems is one of the fastest growing majors in the world, with job growth in the range of 20% for the next ten years. King's College provides a top of the line educatioin, that will insure your success in the industry. This page is to show you the benefits of becoming a CIS major, and the potential oppurtunities that King's Department has for you. We have many great internships, and alumni that are looking to help before, and after graduation.

Some of the advice we like to tell all of our prospective students, who are looking to major in CIS, is too also look to major/minor in another field. CIS is relatable in any field, and will put you a leg up on other students. Some of our favorite compatible majors will be Accounting/CIS, Finance/CIS, Business Administration/CIS, Business Management/CIS, Economics/CIS, Criminal Justice/CIS, and Human Resources/CIS.

CIS major does not only open doors in certain fields, yet it opens doors in all fields. The future is in computers and you will be able to assist any company you are apart of with CIS. If you like to be innovative, and create new waves for the world, join us in creating a future for tomorrow.

King's College CIS Information Page

Job Salary Location
Accounting 65000 NY
Financial Analyst 70000 NJ
Cyber Security Manager 90000 DC

Glassdoor Job Oppurtunities

The companies that we are recruited by related to these majors and jobs are PwC, CohnReznick, Baker Tilly, Campbells Soup, and Vanguard.

PwC Website

CohnReznick Website

Baker Tilly Website

Campbell's Soups

Vanguard Website