The Company

Mission Statement

It seems that the ordinary nowadays is being plugged into video games or scrolling through your social media timelimes and this is forcing us to just settle by getting by in life. Couples don't even have conversations during dinner anymore. It's almost like people are becoming more and more afraid of showing who they really are which is inhibiting them to pursue there true passions and goals in life. Not Your Ordinary Clothing is anything but that. Our Imaginations, Struggles, and Sacrifices is what makes us all different. Not everyone has been through the same things in life and that's what makes you Not Your Ordinary. Dont Settle for being normal and ordinary, go out and make yourself Not Your Ordinary.

About NYO

Not Your Ordinary was established in the earlier months of 2019 by Jose Rivera. Jose is a resident of Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania and also runs a barbershop called "Sharp Cutz 2" which is also in Wilkes-Barre. Jose was an 80's baby and grew up in New York City in the 90's. He started this brand because as a kid there was no social media and he was forced to actually go out and be social with friends to find things to do daily. His main objective for the brand is to spark intrest in not fitting into everyday culture and being someone different and unique that is anything but ordinary.