Daniel Schmitt


Software Developer

After all of my years doing programming and studying computers since I was a child, I have a ton of experience with software and I have a passion for it that I do not share with other subjects in computers. Software development has always made me proud to make new solutions and new ways to tackle the same problem. I plan to continue to do this in my life for a long time to come so I can share my experience and drive with the world.

: (570) 688-7734

: danielschmitt@kings.edu

: Saylorsburg, PA


Pleasant Valley High School

Aug 2002 - Jun 2015


Throughout my high school experience, I spent most of my time doing the required classes to graduate, but I tried my best to spend the rest of the classes I could taking different computer programming courses, marketing classes, and business classes.

King's College

Aug 2015 - Present


I am currently enrolled in King's College still as a Sophomore and am starting to really focus on business and computer science classes to further my knowledge of them and to start really focusing on what my major is about.

Skill Set

Microsoft Office

Work Experience

Right Reason Technologies, Edify Universal

Jan 2012 - Present

Web Developer/Programmer

In 2012 my title was Web Developer, I helped them with their website, and I helped them with contacting clients. Since 2015, I have been a programmer for them and their new company Edify Universal designing computer programs from scratch with a variety of things to help them and to generally improve older software. Most recently I have been starting to create an mobile app to help Edify get into the mobile world.

  • Web Designer
  • Software Developer
  • Hardware/Software Maintenance

King's College IITS

Aug 2015 - Present

Student Support Specialist

Worked with their IT department all of my 4 years of college. Essentially, I would fix computers that students or faculty had problems with, and go around campus and make sure all of the technology on campus worked when needed. This is my main job during my time at school from August to May. In the summer and part time during school, I would work with Right Reason Technologies and Edify Universal.

  • Virus Removal
  • IT and Networking responsibilities
  • Dell Certified during my time there
  • Hardware/Software Maintenance

Community Service

Queen of Peace Church Youth Group (2013-2015)
Queen of Peace Church Flea Market Volunteer (June 2014)
Queen of Peace Church Community Sunday Supper Volunteer (2013-2015)
Queen of Peace Church Oktoberfest Volunteer (October 2013, October 2014)
March for Life (January 2012, 2013,2014)
Special Olympics-Played with Pleasant Valley High School Band (2013-2015)
250th Chestnuthill Township Celebration Parade-Played with Pleasant Valley Band (2013)
Volunteer at Salem UCC West End Fair Stand (2009-2015)
Volunteer at Salem UCC Community Supper (2011)
Helped Boy Scout with Eagle Scout Project and painted fence for the West End Fair (Summer 2012)
30 Hour Famine at Queen of Peace Church (2010)
Soup Kitchen Fall Serve King’s College (Fall 2015)

Clubs and Other Activities

Marching Band/Trumpet and Mellophone (2011-2015)
Jazz Band/Trumpet (2010-2015)
Pep Band/Trumpet and Mellophone (2012-2015)
Brass Ensemble/Trumpet (2011-2015)
Concert Band/Trumpet (2006-2015)
Acoustic Show 2014/Trumpet (2014-2015)
Ski Club (2007-2014)
Gardening Club (2013-2014)
Piano Lessons (2005-2012)
Chess Club (2011-2012)
CCD Classes Queen of Peace Church (2001-2013)

Honors and Leadership Positions

Carbon County Band (Trumpet) 2014
Most Improved Marcher Award 2011
Season Tri M Music Honor Society Nazareth Competition 1st Place Best Music Performance, Best Visual Performance, Best Overall Effect Oct. 2013
North Warren Competition 2nd Place Oct. 2013
Pequannok Township Competition 3rd Place Sept. 2013
US Bands PA State Championship 2nd Place Group IVA, Nov. 2012
Northampton Festival of Bands 1st Place Oct. 2011 and Oct. 2012
North Warren Regional High School 2nd place Best Visual, Best Drum Major Overall, Oct. 2012
Bangor Festival of Marching Bands Excellent Rating, Sept. 2012
USSBA PA State Championships 3rd Place (90.33 score), Nov. 2011
North Warren Regional HS 1st Place, Best Visual, Best Overall Effect, Best Music, Best in Show Effect, Best in Show Overall, Oct. 2011
34th Annual Bangor Festival of Marching Bands Superior Rating, Sept. 2011