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College is a personal challenge at any age. It is even more daunting to a "mature", full-time employed mother of two wonderfully rambunctious boys. As a woman approacing middle age, going back to school was more than a little intimidating, it was downright terrifying. My fears were eased when I realized adulthood has provided me, the student, a valuable skill set imperative to collegiate success.

Motherhood alone, besides turning me into a human garbage disposal for my childrens' dinner scraps has forced me to become more organized. A mother's daily to do list; which may include cooking, cleaning, party planning, personal shopping, and chaffeuring reads like a resume for a Jane of all trades. The most important of my daily activities often gets the least of my attention. Spending quality time with my kids is not something to be sandwiched in between work and school. Undoubtedly, a guilty heart is the reason I can so often be found working until three in the morning under a project deadline, because bubble blowing and Playdough sculpting were at the top of my to do list that day. Juggling kids, school, and work, although not an easy task, is a consistently unpredictable lesson in time management. Navigating my busy schedule effectively demands the use of a solid day planner and the ability to multi-task and prioritize. I embrace this chaos as my organizational skills are a product of it! No matter my level of exhaustion, when I finally stumble into bed, I never wonder if working this hard is worth it. I have a fierce desire to be here.

Anyone who has experienced working a job for no other reason than to obtain the provisions for living will understand my attitude towards furthering education. "Passion drives perfection..., the highest achievers in any field are those who do it because of passion, not duty or profit." (Rick Warren) Passion is the key to finding one's purpose in life. I am assured by a belief that God creates everyone with a purpose and a set of unique gifts for discovering that purpose. Although, I was created with a ferocious love of art, reading, writing and learning, God's gifts and passion alone will propel me only half way towards my life's goals. I am in wonderment that something as ordinary as a piece of paper, will take me the rest of the way.

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