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Welcome to Explore NEPA! where we encourage you to get out and discover the natural world of NEPA and all it has to offer!

You would be suprised how much there is to do here in the Northeastern Pennsylvania. Nestled in the beautiful Wyoming valley are parks, trails, lakes, rivers, streams and so much more to explore! It's easy to stay inside. Get out and explore!

Here at Explore NEPA! our mission is to provide you with the knowledge to get outside and do some exploring for yourself. With so many different activities and so much to explore, the possibilities for fun are endless! Whether you are into the fast paced action of mountain biking or a relaxing hike, we have just the place for you to get started. It's a beautiful day! Go explore and experience the natural world of NEPA!

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Kayaking, biking, and hiking are just a few of the many outdoor activities NEPA has to offer. Explore our site and find all the awesome things to do!