Favorite Links


King's College A liberal arts college located in Wilkes-Barre, PA                
Facebook Social media site invented by a Harvard drop out that allows you to post pictures and write on other's walls                
Twitter Social media site involves tweeting and mentions that rivals Facebook                
Tumblr Social media site for posting notes and other business to rival both Facebook and Twitter                
Dat Piff Music Website that provides mixtapes for every artist possible                
Hip Hop DX A music website that allows you to be updated on all types of news in the hip hop world                
Hip Hop Stardom 101 One of the best magazines based from the East Coast on hip hop music. Mostly underground and Indie artists seen.                
Huffington Post A news and information site that will keep you updated with everything going on in the world                
Google The best search engine based web site in the known world right now                
ESPN Sports website that combines news, sports, scores, and analysts giving their best insights on athletics going on in the world                


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