Paul Ofcharsky's Fav 5 Links.

Just like Alltel, They are in my Circle.

King's College This a liberal arts college located in Wilkes-Barre, PA located on the banks of the gorgeous Susquehanna River.
Colbert Nation The home of Stephen Colbert and his followers, called the Nation. Watch every episode, every clip, and every moment from Mr. Colbert's Number One Self-Entitled Show, "The Colbert Report."
Super Mario Bros. 3 Play the classic video game from the Super Nintendo Console for your enjoyment. Help Mario rescue the Princess by jumping over turtles and advancing to new exciting levels. The one thing college has really taught me was how to be a good Mario Player, just kidding.
The Office The Home of NBC's hit comedy The Office located near where I live; Scranton, PA.This is my kind of comedy and I hope you can check it out and enjoy.
Mike and Mike in the Morning I begin everyday with ESPN's version of "Beatuy and the Beast," I am an advid listener to the Mike and Mike in the Morning Radio Program on ESPN Radio and I would suggest any sports fan to listen to them to enjoy their take and personalities on sports.



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