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About Me

I was born Paul Edward Ofcharsky and I am still called that, there is also two of me and by that I mean I have an identical twin brother.. I have lived in Clarks Summit, PA (also known as the end of the PA Turnpike) for my entire life. My family consists of my Mom, Dad, two sisters (Jenna and Vanessa), my twin brother (Eric), and now five toy poodles (Gi-Gi, Holly, Puppy, Buttons, and Chole). My family has expanded over the last two years in that I am now an uncle and both of my sisters have become engaged. I have participated in Football, Track and Indoor Track during High School. I was a football captain and a starting cornerback for the Abington Heights' Comets football team representing Abington Heights High School. I have always worked hard for football, I only ran track to get faster for football, I was always in the weightroom and even started lifting for the next season after the last game of the previous season, I am a determined, hard-working person.

My decision to go intot he broadcasting field was because I always just liked to talk about sports. I would play video games and pretend to by the announcer to give the game my own little flair. I liked putting my own spin on when the Arizona Cardinals scored against my brother on the last play of the game to win, I knew my brother was "Madden" from that play. I met TNA's Jermey Borash and that guy has my dream job, he travels the country and is able to just talk about professional wrestling, in my eyes the dream job. If the broadcasting does not workout for me in the end I would ultimately like to be a writer for television or film. I just come up with these random ideas and can put them in a sitiuation just works, and I feel they are funny and clever. I have begun to write a script for an episode of the Office but I have no idea where to send it if I can complete it. I just like being able to tell a story that entertains someone; makes them laugh or cry. I like to entertain people.

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