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    Hi, my name is Michael Wasenda. Over the past several years, in addition to college, I have had some high school experience in front of a camera. I also did a lot in high school with the drama club. I was behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. I have a a variety of experience for anything in the "Studio" realm. In addition to this, I managed to keep my grades up and do other things that stimulated my education experience.

    Other Hobbies of mine include fixing my car and driving, a list of hobbies can be found as you scroll down this page. When it comes right down to it, I just want to succeed in the Mass Communications field. It has brought so much into my life with out me knowing about it, I feel that I have to owe it back.


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My Home Town

I was born in a small town (like Bruce Springsteen once said). The town I live in consists of 2 bars, one flower shop, a mechanic shop, and about 15 houses. The name of the village is Lee, which means "in between two mountains". It is a very quant little town with very little going on. If your driving from Glen Lyon into Mocanaqua you might see it if you don't blink your eyes. I don't have a website for my hometown but I do for my township. Here it is!

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