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My name is Kyle Kostick I was born in Abington hospital in Pennsylvania. My parents serparated when I was about two years old. We then moved in with my grandparents where I would be on a day to day basis seeing both of my parents. I attended a catholic school called St. John Bosco throughout kindergarten, this did not go so well so I then moved to Round Meadow for elementary school. I then moved to Northeast Philadelphia where my Mother met who is now my Step Father, even though I still attended Middle School in Upper Moreland. I played football throughout my whole life in both Rhawnhurst and Upper Moreland. My Mother then moved back to the Upper Moreland School District when i was in 7th grade. This made it easier for both myself and my Father. Starting High School I did not play my first year of football until my sophomore year, but I was a pretty well-rounded student and did good in my classes. I started playing basketball my freshmen year and I stopped playing after that and played for the township basketball organization. As football went on in High School throughout my junior and senior year we were a very good team and we had won the the league championship and we lost in the game before the state playoffs started. After graduation I would go on to attend a higher education at King's College where I would also play football. I copleted my freshmen year and I am on to my second year and I am doing pretty well.

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