Kyle Bower's Pictures

I love to take pictures, and I love to talk about my friends a lot. I have many friends but there are a few that I certainly could not get through life without!

This is Alycia Humphrey. She is definitely one of my best friends. She has been there for me for pretty much everything I've ever need. We are total nerds together, and we both love the online MMORPG called Runescape. She is also a big hero in my eyes. She wants to be an EMT, and work for her local ambulance company, station 90. She is dedicated to help her community and serve them when the time calls her to. Seeing her that dedicated to her community is a true hero in my eyes. She and I are an excellent team. We are able to to communicate so well and understand what we are trying to say when the words are so fast and uncomprehensible. We have been through a lot together, and we have always been the best of friends ever since we met for the first time at band camp. We're both big music and online gaming nerds, and that's what makes us both unique. She has been my best friend for about two years now and through those two years, there is never a time I can think of when we would talk and there would be a dull moment. I would like to thank her so much for everything she has supported me in everything, and I doubt she knows how much she really means to me. Love you Alycia! Thanks for being a special part in my life.

This is Nathan Yerges. He is one of my best friends, and also my big brother. He is also a fellow firefighter. We both have been friends through band as well. We also are firefighters, but at different companies. Being part of a brotherhood is the best feeling ever, you feel more connected and a bigger part of the community. I love being able to help my community and be there when the time is right. Being a firefighter and being able to give back to my community is very important to me.

This is Erica Lange. She is one of my really close freinds. We haven't talked much over the years but this summer was definitely a breakthrough for us. Erica and I have become really close and have become really good friends. She knows how to make me laugh and knows how to make me feel better when I'm not having a good day.


This is Jacob Bremmer. Words cannot explain this kid. He is one of my closest friends and is almost like my older brother. He and I have been shooting competitively since we were about 13 when we started 4-H. Together we have been a great team and have won many awards at shooting competitions. He and I are also very competitive against each other. That is never a bad thing, but we both let each other know whos better when one of us shoots better than the other during practices or matches. Thank you Brem for being a big part of my high school career.


This is my favorite group of friends. I'll introduce them from left to right. Bottom left is Marian Yoder, top left is Aaron Stephens, next to me on my left is Kenny Yeastedt, and the last two are Nathan Yerges and Erica Lange.

Aaron (THE SCOUT) Stephens is one of my friends as well. He has been through a lot with me. We worked in the stage crew together, and he has taught me a lot. I wouldn't have known as much as I do now if it weren't for him putting up with me and showing me how to wire and program the lights. He currently serves our country in the United States Army, where his unit is 88 Mike. His decision to join the Army has been well respected by his friends and we all support him so much in it. Thank you Scout!

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