About Kyle Bower

Hello, as I stated before my name is Kyle Bower. I am a very down to earth kid with a big future ahead of me. I am a christian and proud to be one. I have accepted God into my life and I am proud to say it. I am not afraid to ask God to help me, or nor am I afraid to tell people about how great he is. Being determined to succeed is a big goal of mine. in April of 2007, I lost my father to cancer. However that has not set me back. It has only made me a better person and has encouraged me to move on and always remember to be the best that I can possibly be every day.

I am a recent graduate of Berwick High School located in Berwick, PA.

Recently I participated in many sports at Berwick. My most notable one though, was being a member on the rifle team. Over the course of my four years at Berwick, I have excelled greatly and set many school, and state records. I am very proud of these achievements.

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