About Me

* i went to Voorhees High School

* i grew up in Clinton, NewJersey

i cheered on varsity for all four years and we have made it to nationals in Orlando, Florida every year. I am very into my cheerleading because it really brings out my competitiveness and my teamwork that i use through out the season. i have cheered since i was in sixth grade. I am on UCA Staff and I go around the Northeast teaching from junior high al the way through college cheerelading. i find the job perfect and I couldn't ask for any other job. I get to do what I love and the best part is i get paid for it.


Now that i go to King's College i cheer for the Pioneer's Stunt team. It is a very thrilling expiereance cheering for arena football in the Wachovia Arena. I have tons of fun with those girls and there will be tryouts for an all-satr team the pioneers are making to compete at World's in Orlando, Florida. I am very excited for this tryout and more then confident thati will make the team. The team also has a Myspacethat the public can check out on what we are about.



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