Eagles Top Draft Picks

Jeremy Maclin As Maclin and his family watched the draft Saturday evening, it appeared Maclin would be heading to Cleveland. When the phone rang, the Browns were on the board with the 19th overall pick.

But then Maclin realized he wasn’t talking to the Browns. Instead, he told his legal guardian and surrogate father Jeff Parres that the Eagles were on the phone. The Eagles, who had the 21st pick, gave the Browns a sixth-round pick to move up to No. 19.

“We are just so thrilled,” Parres said. “I mean it was Cleveland’s pick. He had been to a visit in Cleveland. They liked him. They kind of had good vibes. When his phone rang, we thought it was Cleveland. But when he covered the phone and said it’s the Eagles, it was a bright spot in what had become a little bit of a disappointing day. That was a real saving grace.”

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LeSean McCoy The Eagles’ second-round pick, decided to forego his final two years of eligibility. He did so for two reasons.

“As a running back, you only get a certain number of hits in this game, and I always wanted to enjoy my time in the NFL,” McCoy said. “When you grow up, you don’t grow up wishing, ‘I can’t wait to play high school ball or college ball.’ You want to go to the pros. That’s something I’ve always wanted since I was a little boy, and I felt the opportunity was there for the taking, so I decided to leave.”