My Favorite Links

Youtube The internet website that lets you browse and find all videos on anything. (Who knows you could be discovered). Homepage of King's College website Homepage of my high school website Homepage of the Major League Baseball Team the New York Mets. The internet website for yahoo the internet leading search engine The internet website for the magazine People The internet website for the leading broadcast news station abc My favorite type of music is country music. Homepage of all things country music Homepage of the social media site that lets you tweet and follow some of your favorite celebrities and friends. Homepage of all things celebrities, gossip, and more.

The homepage for the CW TV network

Some of my favorite TV Shows

General Hospital, The Voice, Cake Boss, The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Friends, CMT, The Singing Bee, Giuliana & Bill, House of Payne, & One Tree Hill!

Some of my favorite Movies

Romantic Comedies, Comedy, Drama, A Walk to Remember, & anything that is fun and interesting!



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