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Hi this is Erin, welcome to my website. I am the only girl in my family, having three brothers one older, and two younger. I love sports baseball and football mostly. I grew up a Green Bay Packers Fan after getting Brett Favre's jerseys when I was four years old. I am a die-hard Mets Fan, probably the only one in my family that truly believes in the Mets after all these years. My extended family is very large with many first, second, and third cousins. My parents are very supportive and loving and even though my brothers and I fight we do love each other in the end and we can put up with each other (well most of the time.) I absolutely love country music. I went to Nashville TN back in October of 2011 but didnt get to see alot of it and I would love to go back. I also like Tim Tebow, and Eli Manning.

I love to travel to different places, I would love to visit California and the west coast. The best trip that I had was when I went to Tuscon Arizona in April of 2009. I have been to almost every state on the east coast. Starting with New Jersey where I was born and raised and currently still live. I have been to Pennsylvania (everywhere) , New York, Vermont, Maryland, Delware, North Carolina (Outer Banks), Virginia (Williamsburg, Clintwood), South Carolina (Myrtle Beach), Georgia (Atlanta), Florida (Orlando). Tennessee (Gatlinburg, Jamestown, Nashville), Arizona (Tuscon) and I will be going to Boston Massachusetts this summer with my family. Also my family and I go to Wildwood Crest every year.

I am currently a sophomore Mass Communications major at King's College. I am hoping to work with charitable organizations, to become an event planner/coordinator of the organizations. My biggest dream is to work with the Make - A - Wish Foundation. I would like to work with the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and work with large corporations that promote inspirational meaning. I would also like to incorporate my love of sports into what I want to do, I would like to work for professional athletes charities hopefully to one day manage and help to coordinate events for their charities.

Below, you find a list of current completed courses at King's.

Courses completed

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