My Favorite Links

Listed below are some of my favorite places to visit when I'm browsing the Web.  Please fell free to click on any of the links I've provided in the table below.  You'll notice that a new browser window will open after clicking on the link.  When you are finished viewing a page, simply click in the browser's close box to return to this page.


Helpful Sites                              Description
King's College                                     This college is a four-year, liberal arts school located in Wilkes-Barre, PA. 
This site is mainly used for Email, WebCT, and WebAdvisor.
Google This site is one of the largest search engines on the web which is a great way to look up websites for information


Personal Sites Description
Facebook This site is a great way for students and friends among other colleges to communicate and keep in contact.
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)          This site informs (WWE) wrestling fans about updated news and events going on within the company and the shows itself.
Myspace Graphics and Animation This site helped spice up my own website and is also mainly used for people to put fun graphics and animation on their myspace pages.

Please visit my favorite links page often to see my latest additions!

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