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            My name is Ed Rafter; I just turned 19 this summer and am currently a sophomore here at King’s College.  I am from Gloucester County, New Jersey and have lived there my whole life with my two sisters who also attended and graduated from King’s College.  I am currently a Resident Assistant on the second floor of Holy Cross Hall and am the Executive Board Treasurer for Student Government.  Also, while at King’s I have had a part-time job at Connerton’s Café and am a member of the Media Club to enhance my knowledge of Mass Communications. 

Later on throughout the year(s) of school, I am thinking of trying out for some of the school productions.  I have already participated in some plays in high school and want to see what it’s like to do it in college.  I might even make it a minor or double major if I take a liking to it.  A couple of careers I would like to pursue after college would probably be a comedic actor for Saturday Night Live or MadTV (a dream of mine), or work for television or movie companies putting together montages or making commercials.  They are completely different and are very odd jobs to have, but I would rather have an odd, fun job than something boring and uninteresting.

Also, I enjoy volunteering, especially here at King's.  I have participated in last years SpringSERVE in Georgia with Habitat For Humanity, this year's FallSERVE in Camden, New Jersey (pictured below) and am a co-leader in next year's SpringSERVE in Alabama.  This year so far, I have volunteered at the CEO Food Bank Warehouse were we gave out food packages to families for Thanksgiving.

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