Emigrating from the Dominican Republic to the United States at the age of two is a memory I do not recall. However, my parent's decision to move to the United States was made to allow our family to live a better life. I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I have one older sister and an older brother. After moving to New York City, my parents did not like the lifestyle that was offered there. As a result, my family moved to a town called Hazleton in Pennsylvania where my family still lives til this day.

Being the youngest of three, I was always pressured to do good in school. At a very early age, I started to develop a strong liking in music and art. At the age of 5, my brother began teaching me how to beatbox (making rhythmical sounds using your mouth) which I continued to do and still do today. Throughout my school years, I taught myself how to draw Graffiti. As I got older, I learned how to draw more things allowing to create and design my own ideas. During my freshman year in high school, I began to develop an interest in poetry and began writing on my own poems which later on turned into music lyrics.I still use these skills and believe that learning all these skills throughout my life made me the person I am today. Because of my interest in design, music, and art, I decided to pursue a degree in Mass Communications hoping that I will be able to use these skills for my future career.

I'm currently a freshman at King's College. Listed below are some of the courses I've completed.



Mass Communications Courses

COMM 111- Survery for Mass Communications

COMM 115- Computer Applications for Mass Communications

COMM 131- Intro Writing for Mass Communications

COMM 233- Intro to Visual Communications

COMM 237- Mass Communications Law

Honors Courses

HNRS 135- Ancient & Medival History

HNRS 136- Modern & Contemporary History

HNRS 203- Ancient & Medieval Literature

HNRS 204- Modern & Contemporary Literature

HNRS 280- Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

Other Courses

CORE 141- Beginning French I

SPAN 147S- Spanish for Heritage Speakers

MATH 127- Logic & Axiomatics

MATH 129- Analytic Geometry/Calculus

CS 116- Fundamentals of Programming I











Graphic Design

Hometown/High School


Hazleton Area High School



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