My Favorite Links

These are some of my favorite links

King's College This is a small liberal arts school located in Wilkes Barre, PA. The classes are small and it allows for you to have a good relationship with teachers and when help is needed there is always someone there.
Apple Store The Apple website deals with mac computers and technology. It provides you with all the information of their new devices and this website can help with any difficulties you are having.

Free People

Free People is my favorite clothing boutique. I love their sense of style from their awesome shoes to their cozy sweaters. It is strictly for women only. Sorry boys!
Urban Outfitters Urban Outfitters is another one of my favorite clothing stores. Although they are a little pricey with certain items, much of their clothing is somewhat reasonable. They sell clothes from very formal all the way down to cute pajamas. They also sell trendy clothes for men such as great sweaters and tee shirts and coats for the winter time.
People Magazine

People Magazine is a great website to browse on all the celebrity gossip. Instead of having to run to a store to pick up the magazine, just go straight to their website and it features everything posted in the magazine right on the internet.




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