About Me

   Hello, My name is Tyler Mejasic. I am from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. I am currently a sophomore and student-athlete at King’s College, which it located in northeastern Pennsylvania in the city of Wilkes Barre. For High School I attended Bishop Shanahan which is located in Downingtown, PA. I was born in October of 1993 so that would make me 20 years old. I am 1 of 4 brothers that my parents have to deal with.

    If you know me or talk to me a couple of times you would know that I’m always looking to have fun and try to have a smile on my face. I consider myself to be very athletic. I LOVE sports, I don’t know what I would do without them. My favorite to play is basketball and also football, which I now play at King’s. The last sport I love to play is Lacrosse; even though I started late it is still one of my favorite activities to do. Probably my favorite thing to watch on TV is college football. I also can’t stand not doing any physical activity for a day. I love staying fit and working out, whether its lifting or running helps me with that.

    Besides sports, I love listening to music. I feel like I can’t go a day without listening to music. My favorite genre is Hip-Hop/Rap. The rappers/artist I like to listen to would be Meek Mill, Drake, The Game, Fabolous and French Montana. I do sometimes like to listen to some classical rock like the Rolling Stones or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    To sum everything up is I like sports and music and I love just relaxing and hanging out with my friends. I know everyone describes themselves as easy to get along with and happy all the time but I really think I have these qualities. I love having fun so which makes me have a smile of my face and laugh a lot. I also feel like if you can talk to me and get along with me, I can do the same thing back.