My Favorite Links

Listed below are some of my favorite Web sites. Please feel free to click on any of the links I've provided. A new browser will appear, linking you to my own personal sites, and when you're finished, you can click in the browser's close box to return to this page.

Education Links

King's College

This college is a four-year college located in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I visit the MyKing's page to check my e-mail, Communi-K for campus updates and Web CT/Moodle for graded assignments.

Social Networking Links
This social networking site allows me to keep in touch with friends from both high school and college, as well as upload my favorite pictures and videos.
This social networking site is similar to facebook but is more like a blog. It allows you to update on anything (your mood or day) and follow other Twitter users, including musical artists like Lady GaGa and Sara Bareilles.
This social networking site allows me to update anything I'd like. It's a space for me to share my thoughts and ideas online for my friends and others to read.
Miscellaneous Links
This is the online Web site for Cosmopolitan magazine. I mainly visit here to read updates on two blogs only available online.


katherine-heigl-cosmopolitan-februa.jpg image by studflower

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