A simple test of an ASP driven server side include


This page has a table. I will leave the the table visible so that you can see. The example we are going to use is for a site where some information is presented on every page but must be easily updated so you don't have to change 50 pages to adjust one piece of information. Like a list of Contents or Sports Scores.

This calls for page Scores.asp

Kings 21
Widner 7

Kings 11
Del Val 3

Okay how this works.

This consists of two pages. The page that we are working on and the page that we will be calling. In this example this main page is called main.asp and the page that we will be calling is called scores.asp.

The page scores.asp is simply a page with the information on it. You can use any tags that you would in HTML with the exception of the <html> <head> and <body> tags. This is what the scrores.asp code looks like:

<b>Kings 21</b><Br>
Widner 7</p>
<b>Kings 4</b><Br>
Del Val 3</p>

Notice that there is on text and formatting tags.

Now for our main page, main.asp.

First this page has to have a scripting language defined, since what what we are doing is running a script. Before the <html> tag define the language.

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
<%Option Explicit%>

We are using VBScript so that is what we define. Now this file can go any where you want it. In this example we are putting it in a cell near the top of you page. Where you want to include the file you include the following code.

<!--#include file="Scores.asp"-->

Include this on any page that you want to be able to dynamically change.

To change the scores, change the file scores.asp and the score board will change on everypage that calls that file.


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