news and site updates


The first page of an introduction to sheet music, explaining clefs, has been uploaded. Find it here. Look for more soon!


If you see this website suddenly become ugly, it's because I'm playing with stylesheets. An overhaul is on the way, with a better background and prettier drop-down menus. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Another blog update! We're on a roll. Move over there to see me obsess over how amazing Spring Awakening was, post-Rent musical theatre, and the nature of a rock musical. Look for another one soon about adaptations from literature to stage and screen, and vice versa.


The blog has been updated! Look for the February 28 entry, which is about castrati.

I still haven't put the blog on this site... hopefully I'll figure that out soon!


Welcome! We now have a spiffy new about page with a short description of the site itself and of me. I tried to be witty. Go tell me if I was successful!

Watch the blog. Another update is just around the corner. At some point soon, blog updates will also appear on this website, so keep an eye out for that link, in the menu on the side.