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King's College Policy for Publishing on the World Wide Web

NOTE: This is a DYNAMIC Policy and as such should be viewed as an evolving, working document. (ie: we change the rules when ever we damn well please.)

General Principle
Web publishers should aim to make information presented on King's College WWW pages as complete as possible, (I personally love directions that only tell you every other turn you should make to get somewhere.) so that Web pages can become an important source of information about the College for students, faculty, and staff, as well as the wider public.


The King's Web Site is an information resource for both external and internal users. The goals of the Web Site are:


            umm.... duh

        I would hope anyone that would be able to edit this document or build a webpage would know this first

Organization and Administration

1. There will be one primary point of entry to official King's College Web Site--the King's College home page and associated pages. These pages should point to all official King's College pages. (just deal with it, your page isn't as great as you may think it is)

2. All "official" King's College Web pages must be registered with the Public Relations Office. To be registered, there must be an approved page manager responsible for the page. The Public Relations Office will check pages for consistency and adherence to Web policy guidelines. (this right here is a lie,... check out www.kings.edu/theatre.  consistancy my ass.)

3. Each WWW page must have a page manager, who is responsible for the information on the page and for making accurate and timely updates. The name and e-mail address of the page manager must appear on the page along with the date the page was last updated.  (This is more of an unenforced suggestion rather then a rule.)

4. Appropriate security must be maintained for information that is confidential or for internal use only.

5. All official King's College information will be hosted on a designated server.

6. Faculty and staff members, other than official page managers, who are interested in including official college data on their Web pages should not post duplicate information. Instead, they should contact the appropriate page manager to obtain the URL address of the official King's College "data page" and create a link to that page. Official information will be modular in order to encourage others to point to the information rather than duplicating portions.

Example >>
The Admissions Office is the logical source for current tuition and fees. That office would create an official King's College data page listing current figures. Any other offices which need to provide tuition figures to Web page browsers would create a link titled "Tuition Figures for the Academic Year" and point this to the Admissions Office Page rather than typing the information into their own html documents.

7. To present a unified and consistent image, only the King's graphic image and photographs will be used as the header for official pages. The structure/design of the Web Site will be adjusted as new information is added to facilitate use and to enhance the organization and logic of the Web Site. (see earlier points, when you think your design is good with the limited materials provide you, they'll change it.)

8. It is expected that there will be Web pages at King's College which are "unofficial." Any person using the King's College system to publish Web pages will be subject to King's College's standards and accepted practices for responsible computing. Any abuse of these guidelines will be dealt with through normal disciplinary channels and may subject the user to denial of further campus computing privileges. (wonder if what i'm doing right now counts?)

9. All unofficial home pages must carry the following disclaimer:

"King's College makes its Web server available to members of the King's College community for their possible use and enjoyment but does not necessarily endorse the items published here."  (mine doesn't, and nobodies cared in 2 years, why start caring now... unless you count the fact that it says it right there and this .htm page is technically on my website.

10. Creation and maintenance of unofficial pages are the exclusive responsibility of the clubs, organizations, groups, and/or individuals involved.  (in other words, take care of your toys)

11. The provisions of the College's policy on Responsible Use of Information Technology will also apply to all pages.

Guidelines for Content and Presentation of Official Pages:

Top-level pages should contain:

    Most don't have all these, there for why should yours....follow the crowd.

Subsidiary pages should contain

Guidelines for Creating OFFICIAL Pages

Guidelines for Creating UNOFFICIAL Pages

    most of this was said already before, i'm sure you got it the first time.


For Administration of your website visit http://builder.kings.edu

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