I was born in Arlington, Virginia and raised in Loudoun County, Virginia. I am about to be a senior at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I am a mass communications major minoring in marketing. I am a perfectionist and am that person that gets a little upset when they don't get an A on something. Perfectionism is the one characteristic you will either like or hate about me.

Sports and the environment are huge passions of mine. I am extremely outgoing and always up to something, whether it's endulging in a new Nicholas Sparks novel, cooking my roomates dinner, freelancing a magazine article or watching Grey's Anatomy. Let's be honest... who can afford to miss what McSteamy and McDreamy are up to on a weekly basis? Not me. Music is another huge passion of mine. I learned how to play the organ when I was in second grade and still occassionally break out a tune especially around Christmas for my dad, who loves Silent Night.

I love spending time with my family in Virginia when I get the chance to be home. My boxer Zeke is amazing, he even goes to doggie daycare and gets report cards. I have a cat named Lily who I have heard looks like me (blonde hair and green eyes).

My brothers are Kevin and Adam. They are the reason I am so into sports and competition. They taught me how to be tough and have a backbone. Don't believe me? When I wanted to be a cheerleader when I was five they signed me up to play rec league baseball with boys 2 years older than me. I was the catcher on the Lovettsville Blue Jays with a long blonde poneytail sticking out. Or you could see me running around our 5 acre yard screaming from them trying to put worms in my pig tails. Not everything I learned from them was tomboyish, but I'm the kind of girl that doesn't mind doing yard work, fixing stuff, being car/food obsessed and watching ESPN 24/7.