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Bad movies happen. It is an inevitability of life we all must come to accept. Much like we accept that we cannot escape death, taxes, in-laws, more taxes, and cute puppies we must accept that there are movies so bad they curl back our finger nails. For whatever reason - we watch them.

Here is my request and the overall aim of the site.

Don't. You don't have to watch bad movies - I'll do it for you.

I actually enjoy bad movies. Well, let me clarify. I love to heckle bad movies. But more importantly I love to examine why they are bad.

To distill this sediment further:

I love to ridicule the current trends in Hollywood.

In recent years it seems like the head people of Hollywood have gotten together and collectively decided to come up with a lot of bad ideas. Live action talking dog movies? Sure. Modern rock & roll remakes of 11th century poems? Why not? Sequel after sequel after sequel of the same hero doing the same thing? Hell yea. Remakes (and sometimes remakes of remakes): foreign and domestic? Yes – without a doubt.

Hollywood is a machine designed to create a product that (usually) caters to the lowest common denominator. The only way to combat them is to recognize bad movies and not give them your money! It is as simple as that! Pay it forward.

Point of interest on the site

  • Movies A - Z: More than just reviews - I pick a movie that represents a quality of Hollywood that has failed the movie going public. I'm not interested in churning out quick 'stop and shop' reviews - these are essays that while reviewing the film, also use the movie to evaluate failing techniques of Hollywood.
  • Links: Other places of interest for avid movie lovers like me. And If you call yourself a movie watcher you will add these sites to your favorites list and make one of them your homepage (I suggest newbies use IMDB.com).
  • About me: If you want to know anything about me personally - this is the place to go. Contact info is here as well.
  • Blog: My blog at blogspot.com. Various essays and short blurbs concerning media might pop up here from time to time. Some of these might be turned into larger content pages on Movie Mangler. You can also comment on these posts.