A Writer's Portfolio

By: Katie Kemmerer



Welcome to my portfolio!


My name is Katie Kemmerer. I am 21 years old, and am living in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. I work at a children's clothing store, where I have been employed for four years. I am currently finishing my junior year in King's College, where I am majoring in English Writing.

My career goals are a bit unclear to me still. I love to read and write, and believe I would enjoy doing something along those lines. I also enjoy helping people, and am considering taking up a psychology minor.

Over the past four years, I believe I have grown a lot, and have much to be proud of. I have shown responsibility and advanced in my job, and am currently part of management. I have also done well in school, often maintaining honors in my grades. As a writer, I have learned to expand my writing capabilities in many ways. While I used to think I could only write in a journalistic style, I have learned that I can accomplish a great deal of writings, including poetry, technical writing, and fictional writing.

I hope that this site will reflect my many facets as a writer. Along with my web writing work from my ENGL 323 class, I have included some literary criticism papers, a journalistic piece, a fictional short story, and even some poems. I have also included a resume at the end.

Please click each link to view some of the pieces I have worked on over my college career. To return to this page, simply scroll to the bottom of each piece and click the "Back" button. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy my work.