Alfred Lord Tennyson's

"The Lotos-Eaters"

An Annotated Hypertext

By: Katie Kemmerer


One of the most influential writers of all time is Alfred Lord Tennyson. The work of his that I will be looking at is the poem "The Lotos-Eaters". Although it is one of his shorter poems, it is rich in description and raises some of the basic questions of humanity: Why, as humans, must we constantly labor and toil? Would a life of total relaxation ever be possible? If so, would humans be able to flourish in an enviorment in which there are no challenges to overcome?

For this project, I have used the form of hypertext to help readers further understand the work. Within my hypertext, you will find many links throughout the poem. In order to learn more about a particular word or phrase, simply click on the blue underlined words. To return to the original text, use the "back" link provided on the page. To return to this page, please click the "Return to Home Page" link at the bottom of the text page.

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