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Not everyone can honestly say they are in or on their way to having their dream career: one that inspires them, involves their personal interests, and that they truly enjoy. My goal as a recent college graduate was to find a definite direction toward one such job. Luckily for me, I have found the key to my dream field of work that will continue to open many doors for me in the future.

The career that fits this bill for mis is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (more easily refered to as TEFL). Not only will teaching abroad allow me to live and travel abroad, it will also allow me to experience many different cultures and lifestyles along the way. My immediate interest lies within the country of Spain yet TEFL exists all throughout the world. Due to its many components, reasearching TEFL can be rather extensive. Thus I have created this website to help compartmentalize the information.

Join me as I prepare to embark on my own TEFL experience. I plan to keep this website (as well as my blog and forum) updated with new information as I learn more first-hand experience. I look forward to exchanging information and stories with one another as a part of the general TEFL community!


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