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Eagles Draft The Eagles might not have had Maclin on their radar at the start of the day, thinking the speedy wide receiver and kick returner would be long gone before their 21st pick, but for whatever reason Maclin fell and the Eagles, following their draft board, made the move to grab him by trading up two slots.

Despite the availability of running backs Chris Wells and Donald Brown the drafting of Maclin is a strong move. It gives Andy Reid a versatile weapon on offense, capable of running the bubble screens, reverses, and slants he loves, and it's an immediate upgrade to the kick return game. Maclin was the best return man available in the draft.

Maclin isn't the red zone threat the Eagles have lacked for the past several years but his ability to create yards after the catch is outstanding, and that makes his red zone just about anywhere on the field.

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Phillies Raul Ibanez Out in the left-field seats the players are so close it seems as if the fans can just reach out and touch them. At the very least, the outfielders stationed on that section of the lawn can hear whatever the fans shout their way.

The story is Pat Burrell used to have a running dialogue with the fans just beyond the metal gate and flower bed separating the field of play from the customers. When Burrell did something well at the plate and trotted back out to take his position after the side had been retired, the left-field fans let him know about it.