A Message from the National President

Pochválený buď Pán Ježíš Kristus!

Welcome to the website of the Slovak Catholic Federation!
The Slovak Catholic Federation was founded in 1911 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania by the Reverend Jozef Murgaš and those who gathered with him
at Sacred Heart of Jesus Slovak Catholic Church.
Founded upon the principles of loyalty to the Catholic faith and pride in Slovak
heritage, the Slovak Catholic Federation has continued, these many years, to
remain faithful to these principles in an ever-changing society.
At the 56th National Convention of the Slovak Catholic Federation, held in
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, April 17 to 20, 2005, the delegates sought
to chart out a new direction for the Slovak Catholic Federation, ensuring
its viability and relevance for the present and future generations.
In order for the Slovak Catholic Federation to remain alive and well,
we need YOUR support and participation.
If you are not already a member, consider joining the Slovak Catholic Federation.
Membership information can be found on this website.
Along with personal membership, consider joining or even beginning a
Local Chapter of the Slovak Catholic Federation in your area.
Under the leadership of the 2nd National Vice President of the Slovak Catholic Federation, assistance and direction can be given to those who wish to
establish a local expression of the Slovak Catholic Federation.
Please visit the Chapter section of our website for more information.
Sadly, as the number of our Slovak Catholic parishes around our country
face restructuring or even closure, we look for new opportunities and places
where our Slovak Catholics can gather for spiritual, social and service oriented activities.
Thank you for your interest in the Slovak Catholic Federation!
Through the intercession of our holy patrons, the brother saints, Cyril and Methodius and
our Blessed Mother, under her title of Our Lady of Sorrows, Patroness of our beloved Slovakia, may God abundantly bless you!
Ďakujeme Vám všetkým.
Pán Boh zaplať.

Fraternally yours in Christ,
Rev. Philip A. Altavilla, V.E.
National President
Slovak Catholic Federation

Fr. Altivilla


© 2007 Dr. Jayne Klenner-Moore for the Slovak Catholic Federation