"Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Many students find that acting on their faith through service to those in need is a healthy compliment to college life. Campus Ministry believes that this is the very same message of the Gospel, and that it should not be confined solely to the celebration of the mass. The Office of Volunteer Services (OVS), an extension of Campus Ministry, is responsible for providing opportunities for students to live their faith through volunteer service.

OVS attempts to find placements that best suit the interests and talents of each student. As a result King's volunteers find themselves working with the homeless, underprivileged youth, elderly, and other traditionally disadvantage groups. In the past, King's volunteers have helped prepare meals for the St. Vincent dePaul
soup kitchen, constructed houses locally with Habitat for Humanity, tutored children and visited the home-bound and elderly in the community.

OVS also attempts to make students aware of issues regarding social justice
that surround them everyday. OVS helps to organize students to participate in annual community events like the AIDS Walk and "Make A Difference Day." OVS also sponsors awareness events and action events, such as Hunger for Justice Week, bringing attention to specific social justice issues here on campus.

Eager to advance the idea that "communities in need" extend far beyond the King's campus, OVS facilitates trips outside of the area to perform service work and to learn more about other communities. The most notable of these trips are the alternative fall and spring break service trips in which students, staff, and faculty work with Holy Cross affiliated sites and national organizations like Habitat for Humanity in cities across the United States. In recent
years, these service trips have seen King's students in Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Mexico.