Life's to Enjoy


Take a walk with me to enjoy the different aromas and sounds my Grandma Sarah's Kitchen makes. Join me as we explore the kitchen in a fun and family-oriented cooking Web site filled with my family recipes and tips, courtesy of my Grandma Sarah. With this Web site, I hope to grow my relationship with my grandma as well as develop my own skills as a cook. The site is designed to emphasize family and keeping recipes, which have been prepared within the family, important. Cooking is something I would love to teach my own children; hopefully I will get the knack of it someday, so even when my grandma passes, her cooking is still with me as well as future generations.


To this day, I look forward to dinner at my grandma's house. She is the light of my life, who has some major skills in the kitchen. Straight out of Italy, grandma specializes is no other than Italian food. Although she does not like to dabble in new cooking, she has mastered her fantastic recipes and I truly believe her technique should be shared with the world. Grandma Sarah's other interests include shopping, keeping up with soap operas such as "The Bold and The Beautiful," knitting slippers and of course spending time with her family. She has a loving husband, Grandpa Bibs, who has had the privledge of enjoying fabulous food all these years. Grandma Sarah has a daughter Donna and a son Dominic and four grandchildren Shannon, Camryn, Tony and me, Jenna. She is an inspiration to her family and I believe her story is worth telling.


This Web site is not only a dedication to Grandma Sarah, but it is also user-friendly! You are also invited to share some of your own family recipes with the community in our forum. Feel free to ask questions, post recommendations and simply have fun! Please don't hesitate to also check out my blog, which contains a personal look into my world of cooking, or lack there of. Comment, laugh, joke and relish. My blog Cookology 101 includes the good, the bad, and everything in between so please enjoy.

I hope you have fun with my Web site and learn something new. There is a lot of improvisation when it comes to cooking so feel free to tweak and use your best judgment, especially when it comes to my Grandma Sarah's recipes. She is known to be a little avant-garde sometimes, for she has performed these recipes all of her life, using her hands as measuring cups.


Jenna is a twenty-one year old who has just began experimenting with cooking. She spends most of her time writing for a weekly entertainment newspaper in Northeastern Pennsylvania, going to school full-time, spending quality time with her boyfriend and friends and calling home to Connecticut. Cooking wise, her favorite foods include potatoes, creme brulee, pasta, especially tortellini and her grandma's cookies. She thrives off flavored coffee, reading and photography. Spending most of her time in front of a computer, the kitchen is an unfamiliar place for her, at least for now. She does however specialize in cleaning up after the meal. Contact Jenna through her blog or email: jennawalsh@kings.edu.