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Basic info

Hi, my name is Jaylen Hobdy. I am 18 years old and I was born on July 7, 1995 in Bronx, New York. I lived with my Dad and my stepmom, Craig and LaTasha Hobdy. I also with my younger siblings Christian, Ryan and Laila. My older brother, Ronald lives in New York and my mom lives in Virginia. I am a freshman at Kings College in Wilkes-Barre. I am a mass communications major and I also play football here for King's College. I chose King's College because it was the best fit for me. King's was not too big or too small, i loved the football and mass communications programs here and it wasnt too far away from home in New Jersey.


My two favorite sports are football and basketball. I started playing football since I was eight years old. The rest of my family played basketball so I was the odd ball of the family. Like every other little boys dream, I wanted to be in the NFL and play for the New york Giants. I played running back and safety all throughout my life but I was more talented at the runningback position. Every season, I was awarded different kinds of trophies and certificates. In high school, I was named All-Area Running back and Saftey and I was awarded player of the week during my game against Old Bride with 150+ yards and 7 tackles at the safty spot. I started playing basketball in 6th grade for OLMC (Our Lady of Mount Carmel). I only played because one day in Gym class, the coach in the gym saw me playing basketball, thought I was good and told me to try out for the team. I was only good because my Dad put me into so many basketball camps. I absolutely hated basketball but I loved to learn and play any sport. I knew that I was going to play it sooner or later because my Dad and Uncle would pressure me and telling me that I would be a great basketball player because of my size. I wound up playing basketball in high school taking on the role of the 6th man off of the bench. I played the forward position which was pretty unusual for my size but I had a great time playing basketball and I still love playing with my friends and family. I turned out to be one of the better basketball players in my family even though I did not play for long.


I love horror movies. I dont really know how or why I started to like horror movies. Horror movies are just very entertaining to watch. I absolutely hate reading. The only way I would read a book is if it is a crime, mystery or horror story. Those are the only genre of books that I would read but I would only read if I had too. I would rather spend my time at the gym playing basketball or any other sport. I also loved watching breaking bad and walking dead.