My Past Work!!

Here I will display any work I have in my college career so far. All the work posted will be of any Powerpoint or Word Documents related to my major: Mass Communications. Feel free to browse through and look at the work as you please, as I have worked very hard on them and got great feedback on each piece. Click here to view my daily schedule for week during my fall semester, but it may not be fully accurate. I also wrote a critical process paper on football players of all ages from high school to professional and how concussions needs need to be adresssed; you can view that paper here. And I got the chance to interview my grandmother about her mass media experinces in the 20th Century! You can view that Powerpoint and the Paper I wrote about that experience here and here.



You may have read that my major is Mass Communications, but I am also looking into the profession of a Video Game Designer. I have been around computers a lot and have learned to use many programs including Micorosft, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and I did a little in Programming. If you want to view my presentation on Video Game Designers' profession and paper about them click here and here.