My name is Jaren Peterson. I am a sophomore at King's College majoring in Mass Communications. I want to have an occupation in graphics and design or video game designing. My favorite NFL team are the Minnesota Vikings and my favorite NBA team are the Memphis Grizzlies. I am from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and enrolled at Susquehanna Township High School for 4 years.



The two pictures on the right are my favorite athletes from my two favorite teams. They are Adrian Peterson and Mike Conley Jr. The two pictures on the left are the football teams I have played and are playing for. The left is my high school football team, The Susquehanna Township Indians; the other is my College football team, The King's College Monarchs!!




The next several pictures you will see are some of the hobbies, interests and things that I either love and/or enjoy doing especially during my down time when I have no work, on weekends, during breaks from school or even during the summer sometimes.





As you can see I love to play my two favorite sports: Basketball and Football. I am gamer as I play on Xbox as you can see as I like playing shooters like Halo, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and a few more. I also play on the Nintendo Wii also and I am a huge MarioKat fan and I play that game a lot!