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My name is Janelle and I am a Mass Communications student at King's College in Wilkes Barre PA. I am learning to develop my own website in my Communications 115 class.

I enjoy playing piano, clarinet, running, biking, acting,filmmaking, traveling, photography, and spending time with animals. I have met many famous people so far in my life! First, I went to a Jefferson Starship concert at a small local jazz cafe, and got to meet Paul Kantner, an orginal member of Jefferson Starship and Jefferson Airplane. The same year I found out about a luncheon in New York City where I can meet stars from my favorite show, As The World Turns. I am very thankful I took this oppurtunity because sadly the show was taken off the air, with many other soap operas. I truly think it is a dissapointment that these shows are leaving television from some stupid reality shows to take their place. Last year, I also met the one and only Richard Simmons at Mount Airy Casino in the Poconos. I even got to go on stage and workout right next to him! It was amazing! So, I make it my goal to definatley meet more famous people in my lifetime.

Two things that have always been important to me in my life are music and animals. These are things I have been dedicated to and want to always keep in my life. I want to continue playing instruments that I have always played, and continue volunteering at a petsitting service. Because I love animals so much, I am a vegetarian. This is very important to me because I personally believe animals are my friends, not my food. It's not like I want to tell the whole world to become vegetarian, cause I know some people can't do it. But when you meet someone as crazy about cows and pigs as me, you'd understand =) And I wouldn't mind sleeping with them in a barn either! As much as I love getting out in nature, I also love the city as well. I want to continue to get more familiar with NYC and take more trips there. Most of all, I love the beach and cannot go without smelling the sea and feeling the sand. I really want to live near a beach in the future.


Here I am with two As The World Turns stars, Dylan Bruce and Marnie Schulenburg


Me with Terri Conn and Austin Peck


Matt and I with the one and only, Richard Simmons!!!


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