For my first semester as a freshman in college, the classes I took were; Survey of Mass Communications, Computer Applications for Mass Communications, Effective Writing, Mathematical Ideas, Effective Oral Communcation and First Year Experience (FYE).


"The Ins and Outs of Film Producing" - This was the first paper I wrote for my class, Computer Applications for Mass Comm. The prompt for this assignment was to pick a career path that interested you dealing with Mass Communications, research it and write a paper in APA format about it. I chose film producer. I have been very interested in film, filmmaking and acting for all of my life. I thought choosing this topic would be ideal for me.


"Media Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives" - This was the first paper I wrote for my class, Survey of Mass Communications. The prompt instructed me to pick our guilty pleasure from a medium of entertainment (tv, film, music, magazine, book) and discuss and write about it.


"American Oral History Project" - This was my final assignment in my Survery of Mass Communications course. The objective was to interview someobody in your family or that you know that was in his/her 70s or 80s. I chose my 72 year old aunt. The questions we were given to ask were about their childhood and growing up with the different types of entertainment in their households.