About me

I was born in Newton, New Jersey on November 7th 1988. My early years were spent there, but at the age of 6, my father took us to live in his hometown in Guatemala, Central America. My beloved mother (from Ecuador) and I lived there for 12 long years. On the last day of high school, my mother said, “We’re moving back to the motherland.” Four exams and two projects later I’m in a plane heading towards Newark, NJ. Even though I told nobody that I was leaving, not even my girlfriend, it wasn’t easy and it did hurt me as I left a piece of my heart there that day. On October 16, 2006, I arrived in New Jersey, started a new life and decided never to look back on the past. I’ve been in the U.S. for a little over 6 years now and am pursuing a college degree at King’s College to become part of the Spanish radio world. The Spanish world and language has so much to offer, not only to strangers but also to Latinos that didn’t have the opportunity to grow up in a Spanish speaking country. I want to be the person that makes that experience possible and opens a new door into the Spanish speaking world for my and future generations.


Courses Completed

  • CORE*133 A World Civ.1453 to Present
  • CORE*115 Q Effective Oral Communication
  • CORE*099 G Thinking & Writing
  • CORE*098 B Quantitative Skills
  • CORE*090 E First Year Experience
  • CORE*282 B Creative Vision of Hitchcock
  • CORE*280 G Introduction to Philosophy
  • CORE*175G A Guitar Performance
  • CORE*100 I Hey! Watch Your Language!
  • CORE*180I A Social Science: Immigration
  • CORE*154 DE1 Introduction to Psychology
  • CORE*120 F Mathematical Ideas
  • CORE*110 M Effective Writing
  • SPAN*331 A Advanced Grammar & Phonetics
  • SPAN*332 A Translation
  • SPAN*336 A Business Spanish
  • SPAN*441 S Spanish Civilization I
  • SPAN*491 S1 Spc Tps:Adv Span Conversation
  • TILE*270 A Natural Science Perspectives
  • TILE*259 A Theology & Nature
  • EDUC*215 A Devl. Cognitative & Learning I
  • EDUC*202 A Educ. Phil., Ethics, Issues
  • EDUC*240 E Multicultural,Lingusitic&Inst
  • ENGL*326 A The English Language
  • EDUC*304 A Secondary Foreign Lang. Method
  • EDUC*366 A Secndry Mthds Teach Diverse St
  • EDUC*270 B Intro to Special Education
  • MATH*124 A Probability & Stats Educ Mjrs
  • CARP*211 A Career Planning I




  • Women
  • Futbol (soccer)
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • UFC
  • George Carlin
  • Radio (Spanish)
  • Travel Channel
  • Food Network Channel



  • Soccer
  • Playing Guitar
  • Listening to Spanish radio
  • Hunting




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