Help Nathan Crush Cancer

Meet The Gray Family

Jeff (father), Tricia (mother), 5-year-old Jeffrey, 3-year-old Nathan, and almost-2-year-old Natalie Gray

"As of yesterday there was no growth on Nathan's cultures, we are waiting for an official
read this morning to make sure. He pushed the limit with his temp on and off yesterday
but after sneaking into his room this morning he is at 98, thank goodness! With him being
neutropenic we are not able to go to the benefit for Team Matthew today, the link is on
a previous post, we are sad to not be there for their family and we were hoping to have
the kids see the Easter bunny there. (Nathan's immune system will not handle an indoor
public place such as the mall.) We do however have an exciting appointment today...
delaying for 13 months we are FINALLY going to meet his volunteers for Make-A-Wish!!
So excited to plan this and give the kids something big to look forward to. We honestly
have no idea what his wish will be, his true wish is a pool with a slide and diving board,
but they aren't allowed to do permanent structures. When I am able to get back to work I
will be asking for recommendations because I really really want to make that happen for
him. He loved going to swim classes and not being able to go when he wanted to last year
and throughout this winter has broke his heart (and mine).
So anyway... you're guess is as good as mine for the 'official wish,' I'm pretty sure going
to see Mickey will be the ultimate decision."

- Tricia Grey via Facebook on April 9, 2017

Tricia Gray and son, Nathan in early 2017

Nathan is a 3 year old boy who is fighting for his life. Currently receiving high dose chemotherapy to kick cancers butt! Nathan was originally diagnosed with Stage III Kidney Cancer in February 2016 where he underwent a total of three surgeries, 6 days of radiation and 15 treatments only to discover on June 13 that it aggressively spread to both of his lungs. Due to the masses being chemo resistant, we took Nathan to Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania for a second opinion and Janet Weis and CHOP have been working hand in hand ever since.