Writing to an Audience of Millions...

What would possess someone to post their lives or their opinions on the world online? What is the attraction for readers? The internet is a unique medium in which you can read or write anything – the power is literally at your fingertips.

Why Blog?

There are many reasons to blog. I maintain a blog on Blogger . Sometimes I write in my blog to just get out the frustrations of everyday life. Other times I write to talk about issues with school. I'm converting to the Catholic Church and sometimes I write about my frustrations and new happenings and excitements . Since I am in college, I often write about academic things , just to throw ideas around or maybe to get a paper topic out of my head. I like to blog about everything , if the mood hits me to write, I do.

Blogging is therapeutic for me. When life seems like too much I can log on to that site and just rant and rave like a lunatic if I wanted to. I know that no one really reads my blog but that isn't the point of blogging for me. Blogging is more of a mental release. Some seek a heavy readership , and then there are the sheepish ones, like me, that want to get their thoughts down on paper (well not literally).

There are many other ways/reasons to blog. Sometimes bloggers will post because they are unemployed . Sometimes bloggers post because they are stay at home moms and that is their release for the day. Some people blog because they are returning students and want to showcase their work, or talk about their families as a source of venting. Some people blog about their upcoming literary projects . Others can blog in a community blog , where topics are raised in a forum type situation. Another way that bloggers sometimes write is through a soldier blog , where a soldier simply writes about his/her life as a soldier to keep in contact with family and friends.

In the United States there are roughly 15-30 million blogs . That takes into account the fact that there is a great percentage of Americans sitting down at the computer type up whatever it is they want the world to know about them. Globally there are around 70 million blogs. This just goes to show that blogs are developing constantly. People always will find a reason to write, and the blog seems to be the perfect medium to do so.

Why Read Blogs?

Reading blogs can be a guilty pleasure. I am the type of person who likes to hear all kinds of perspectives on a myriad of different topics – so blog reading is perfect for me. One reason that I personally read blogs is because some people could be going through similar situations that I am, and that helps out a lot, simply because you have someone to talk to or at least commiserate with. Another reason that I read blogs is to meet new people . I have met some of the greatest people because of blogging. Another reason that I like to read blogs is because of the incredible affect that blogs have in keeping you connected with everyone, I maintain something on MySpace where I can keep in touch with my friends , and that is a wonderful thing.

Some people may also read blogs for breaking news or political information . Some also read blogs for gossip . Blog reading may start off as reading a regular blog and then checking someone's favorites section and bam you are five webpage's into another person's blog site! Reading blogs can provide a release from the everyday tension of the world, and just let you relax and kick your feet back and get away temporarily from work and the “real” world.

Some people also read blogs to in turn have their voices heard. There are often debates with some blog topics, and people will comment and start arguments. Why bother comment or reading all of them and commenting on other's comments? Some of the reasoning could be in the fact that some people like to be able to voice their opinion on issues that matter to them. The process of reading everyone's comments and then commenting on them can be quite laborious, but when with good intentions can help to get your point across. Oftentimes, though they end badly in disagreement – and if it were the “real” world, fist fights would likely ensue.

It is said that the average blog reader checks in on about two to three blogs on a regular basis. The blogging community at large seems to be growing more and more each day, not just in blog creation, but in readership. What this means is that for budding writers having difficulty publishing – their writing can be seen by the masses. New writers are not the only ones that benefit from blogging. With more and more readers, there is a greater sense of connectedness between people, and less separation which is invaluable.