Need a Change in Scenery?

Do you ever get tired of staring at your textbooks from the same locations? You're probably always in your dorm, or at home, or maybe at work. This year King's is going to offer you a chance to break away from those normal study habits and see a whole new side of the world with the Study Abroad Fair!

This is not the first year that King's has held the Study Abroad Fair. According to Mrs. Farmer, Director of the Study Abroad Program, “this is the fourth year that the college has held the Fair. The event usually catches the attention of around two hundred to two hundred and fifty students, faculty, and staff. We are hoping to have quite the same turnout if not better this year.”

This year's fair, scheduled for October 5 th from 10 A.M. until 2:30 P.M. in the Lobby of the Sheehy Farmer Campus Center , will prove to be an interesting event for everyone. Among the participants are the Study / Intern Abroad Program Representatives, King's Financial Aid Advisers, and King's Student Participants in Study Abroad. Visitors to the Fair will also be treated to free international food as well as a free student raffle.

One of the many concerns regarding studying abroad is the cost of participation. While visiting the Fair, King's Financial Aid advisers will be on hand to answer any questions that might arise. If you study at a school that is affiliated with King's then you pay the King's tuition rate directly to the college. However, if you attend a program that is not affiliated with the college, the tuition will vary from program to program. Financial Aid advisers will be available to discuss the options of scholarships and King's Aid.

Also at the Fair this year, there will be representatives from seven different programs and they will include: Webster University, Denmark's International Study Program, King's London Internship, Arcadia University , AustraLearn, Bretheren Colleges Abroad, and the School for International Training. Some of the countries they are representing include: Austria , England , China , Switzerland , Greece , Ireland , Australia , New Zealand , and many other countries of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and Latin America .

Throughout the Fair students who have participated within the past year will be available for discussion. These students really know the feeling of getting out there and exploring their learning options through the Study Abroad Program. They will be available to answer questions that students, faculty and staff may have.

There are many students who have participated in the Study Abroad Program. Students participating this fall include: Lauren Bonani ('05) majored in Marketing with a minor in Business Administration; she will be participating in an Internship for Professional Development in Australia through the AustraLearn program. Kathryn Lala is a Senior majoring in Elementary and Special Education; she is student teaching at the New End Junior School in London England . Melanie Makuta is a Senior majoring in History and Political Science; she has been awarded a full-tuition scholarship to study at Queen's University in Belfast Northern Ireland through the Irish-American Scholars Program.

Also in the program is Melissa Pregmon, a Senior majoring in Political Science. She is interning in the law firm of Hodge Jones and Allen in London , England , through the King's College London Internship Program. Bradley Rosato is a Junior majoring in Biology; he is studying at Macquarie University in Sydney , Australia , through the Arcadia Program. Also studying abroad, but for a full academic year, is Jason Oatridge, who is a Junior majoring in English who is studying in Rome , Italy , through the King's College-John Cabot University Program.

After the fair there will be a special presentation with slides which is a first time feature of the Fair. The presentation will begin at 2:30 in the Fitzgerald Room of the Campus Center . Ms. Wanda Dutton of the School for International Training will be presenting on topics which are relevant to her program. The programs Ms. Dutton will be focusing on will include: Environmental Studies, Development Studies, The Arts, Gender Studies, Multicultural Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Public Health, and Social Justice.

There are only a few eligibility requirements for the Study Abroad Program. Mrs. Farmer states that, “King's students participating in a semester or year long program must have completed first semester sophomore year which is equivalent to 45 credits. Students may participate in a summer program at any time following freshman year. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and must receive the endorsement of their adviser and the student affairs office. If they are considering studying abroad, students should contact the Study Abroad Office for details.”

The Study Abroad Fair is an event that is geared toward the entire campus. Studying abroad can be an experience that you will never forget. Granted, leaving the ones that you know behind would be difficult, but it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to a new country, study a new culture, and make new friends abroad.

- Brandy Woodruff