English 323: Writing for the Web

Assignments throughout the Semester

Webzine Article: "Writing to An Audience of Millions..." - This article discusses blogging and some reasons to read blogs and why anyone would ever want to post their ideas online for an audience of millions.

Hypertext Review: "Pass or Fail? A Review of Annotations of The Rape of the Lock via Hypertextuality" - This is a review of a hypertext project on the "Rape of the Lock that was done by U Mass. This project helped me to prepare for the major project of the semester which was creating my own annotated hypertext.

Annotated Hypertext: Sarah Fyge Egerton's "The Emulation" - With this poem I did a feminist analysis. I created DIV tags for the annotations. The analysis came from myself as well as from my 18th Century Restoration course.

Resume: This was created simply to showcase our talents, and our areas of expertise, and to showcase our wrting abilities in many different genres.